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Six Months Out: A Look at the Fall Elections

Public Affairs Council: Political Action Network (PIN)

With the fall elections quickly approaching, the primary season is upon us. Hear who will likely keep their seat, where we might see some upsets and what you can expect to happen on November 4.


Political forecaster Jim Ellis will join us to provide a fall election outlook on what will happen at the state and federal levels. Which retirements are throwing a wrench in previously uncontested districts? Will the Senate flip? Are rising stars catching everyone by surprise? Jim provides political forecasting for some of the country’s largest corporations, and at this members-only program, he will share those insights with you.


This event should be attended by:

  • PAC directors looking to be strategic in their political contribution strategy;
  • Lobbyists planning ahead for what happens after November 4;
  • Grassroots professionals seeking information on races that can be used to motivate their advocate base; and
  • Any public affairs professional interested in what these midterm elections are likely to mean to the political community.

To download the slides for today's presentation click here: Presentation Slides